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Why Introduce Yoga in Your Life?

As elementary a task it is, most of us don't even breathe properly or rather correctly and quite often breathe in an unconscious, shallow way that actually increases stress in the body. A practice as basic as breathing is yoga, yoga is not just stretching or a workout regime its a lifestyle, which when adapted can substantially make an improvement in our mental as well as physical health. While these advantages our just by-products of inner joy enhanced chakra energies.

Sometimes it’s in taking your yoga off your mat and into your world that the biggest shifts and changes take place. Here are few ways how:

1. Stress Relief.

Essentially, yoga is a form of meditation that allows us to relax and combat stress and anxiety by letting go (if only temporarily) of worries. Whenever feeling particularly stressed or anxious about something, one can feel a physical change after just 45 minutes of yoga. Stress is one of the major causes of weight gain. Getting a handle on how you deal with it can make a huge difference in your waistline — as well as your mental well-being.

2. Endurance.

Yoga emphasizes awareness of the breath at all times. Your breath moves you from one posture to the next, and helps you stay focused and balanced throughout your practice.This awareness continues be us while we perform other activities as well. Especially for athletes/artists practicing yoga can totally transform the way they breathe while playing/performing. Just by focusing on taking longer, slower breaths, they no longer exert unnecessary energy.

3. Patience.

If there's one thing you need to get to those challenging, complicated yoga poses, it's patience. When many of us take up yoga for the first time we tend to push ourselves to get to the most advanced position possible. While it's good to strive towards a goal, yoga is about knowing the limits of your body and working within them while you improve. Having the patience to master the basics of a pose before moving into trickier variations.

4. Detox.

Forget going on a juice cleanse, the poses you do in yoga can actually stimulate your organs (kidneys and liver) and activate your natural detoxification processes. Any type of dynamic yoga helps increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the organs, thus getting rid of the toxins.


In yoga, one of the main purposes of practice is to focus on the present. This requires simple concentration and the will to accept your monkey mind wanders. The simplest method is to latch the mind to our breathe consciously. Taking the time to hone this ability will help you concentrate at work, at home, or on any task effortlessly.

6. Confidence.

Yoga can dramatically help build confidence through self awareness. Yoga is non-competitive by nature, since you have no opponent, the only possibility is to accept and surrender to yourself. By testing your own limits and boundaries, you really get to know what you are capable of, and you can watch yourself improve and exceed goals over time.

7. Strength.

When in harmony the most evolved and intense piece of music sounds pleasant, so does yoga. Many of the more advanced poses activate several muscle groups at once, while balance poses require great upper body and core strength. Yoga will help build and tone lean muscles and burn fat just like any other fitness routine.

Try yoga for a month, and you'll unlearn things about yourself and your abilities and start seeing things just the way they are, without any prejudice.

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