• Anubhuti Khare

Why not rubber?

How much do you know about the material limitations of natural rubber in product design? Most product designers and engineers are well aware of the advantages of natural rubber – high elasticity, high tensile strength, excellent compression set, high stretch recovery, good resistance to alcohols, ketones, and organic acids(Chemicals). Natural rubber is a versatile material but there are applications where it is not the optimal material. Product designers will often focus on all of the advantages of natural rubber and forget to take into account the limitations of this natural material. It’s important to have an understanding of the advantages and limitations of natural rubber early in the design process before costly errors are made.

1.Out of the many reasons the first and the main concern among st the environmentalists is the growing demand of rubber as opposed to its growth, and no monumental steps have been taken so far on conserving this growing gap of supply and demand.

2.It processing also has its deleterious effects on the environment. So the business organization must take it as a moral responsibility to nullify the harmful effects caused by the various by-products produced by them. As far as rubber industry is concerned, the environmental issues are caused due to the chemical usage at the different stages of operation. The end products formed after the use of chemicals will be poisonous and highly toxic and non biodegradable eventually.

3. The collection and processing of natural rubber is a manual process, which brings us back to the same problem as stated in point 1, the growing demand cant be matched against the slow production process

4.Rubber is not completely bad for the environmental because of its several purposes for the people making up for the environment but rubber becomes bad for the environment if it is not properly disposed or managed as a waste or recycled.

At Yogaland we have made a conscious effort by substituting rubber with cotton, which is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally-friendly fiber throughout its entire product life cycle. We are constantly working towards making our-self better by keeping in complete sync with our social responsibilities. After all practicing yoga is suppose to help you connect to your roots and bring you closer to nature, So what better way then making our manufacturing process Eco friendly and 100% organic, we are big on spreading positivity and we believe our efforts will be acknowledged as the same.

A big thank you! to all our customer for helping us make this diffirence. :)

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