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A Healthier 2019!

Every new year we make a resolution and majority of the times for the sake of our health. But what comes next is a struggle to stick with them, or guilt for not being able to complete what you started. And lets face it making giant promises to ourselves are unrealistic to begin with but don't loose hope its really the smallest of the changes in your lifestyle that makes a whole lot of difference:

1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. We often don’t get enough water in our systems, and get so busy throughout the day that we don’t think about stopping to replenish our supply. This also helps flush toxins out of your system first thing and keeps your digestion in check.

2. This one easier is said than done, but trust us it will help you a long way. Try to walk as much as you can, avoid using vehicles for smaller distances and use stairs rather than elevators. This small effort will be more rewarding than an occasional vigorous workout.

3. Add Raw Fruits or Vegetables in your diet: Add carrots, cucumber beets as a side salad with your lunch or dinner and substitute desert with fresh fruits atleast few times a week. Not only will you get more nutrients in, you will also be getting in more fiber and potentially helping your body lose weight, retain energy, and decrease hunger.

4. Stretch: Stand up and stretch every hour, trigger yourself with a reminder on your phone or watch. Sitting for extended time periods is a bad idea for both your body and your brain. You need a mental and physical break, especially in today's lifestyle where majority of us have desk jobs and long hours.

5. Go to bed early: The body’s sleep cycle is delicate and can be affected by just about anything we do during our sleeping hours. Therefore, sticking to a fairly regular bedtime routine which involves giving yourself plenty of time to catch some Zs is a good way to keep your sleep cycle in check. The improved sleep quality that comes with making this a habit will easily reflect in your day-to-day life.

6. Yoga at home: Don't pressure yourself into taking classes and having to reschedule your daily routine, Classes of-course are more helpful but starting yoga at home is simpler and easy, all you need is a few minutes out of your day, a quite corner maybe & Yoga mat, and you are good to go

There are several other ways to step into a healthier lifestyle but ike we said 'baby steps', Let us know how helpful were these tips to you in the comments!

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