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Why Use A Yoga Mat?

"The yoga mat is more than a tool employed by the yogi. It is a metaphor. The yoga mat represents the space in which our minds might experience some relief from the stress-laden, chaotic, and unpredictable nature of daily life."

-Yoga International

Few reasons why you should get your very own yoga mat today:

1. For your body:

The amount of weight and strain our backs are asked to assume can be significant during the course of our practice. Sitting on the floor in and of itself is not as impactful to the body, but during the course of asanas, strain shifts and could be damaging to your back. For example, seated forward folds can put a lot of pressure on the lower back. It begs the question—why risk it? One of the best ways to look after those injury-prone parts of the body is to ensure you have a mat thick enough to absorb impact but also easy enough to carry, and one that provides you enough traction and sweat absorption so that your back, shoulders or knees are neither sliding nor taking on any additional strain than they should be.

2. For your hygiene:

This issue is mostly addressed by (a) purchasing your own mat and not using mats that the studio provides you and (b) taking the initiative to clean your mat post-practice.Practitioners are well aware of the amount of sweat endured and the millions of microbes resident in each droplet. Thankfully you can get your own Mat Wash Spray which will keep your Mat clean, healthy and fragnant.

3. For your practice:

Mats should not get in the way or be an obstacle to one’s practice. They are intended to aid your practice, A mat such as ours with anti-skid properties avoids the feet slipping on the mat orr the mat slipping on the floor, These mats will also provide more stability. The extra cushioning provided by a yoga mat adds to stability as your hands and feet sink into the mat. This allows for a bit of wiggling—the minute adjustments to weight and balance that allow you to stay upright.

4. Its a worthy investment:

Think about the longevity of your practice. Purchasing a mat should be viewed as an investment, If you purchase a mat that lasts, you could get more use out of it. Ultimately, any kind of injury you sustain would far outweigh (and be far more expensive) the impact of a mat purchase, irrespective of the amount spent or saved on a mat. Some may call spending on yoga accessories as unnecessary expense, but its only unnecessary when the value derived from the product is not as much, which is not the case with Yoga Mats.

5. Join our cause:

Most yoga practitioners extend the caring they provide for themselves through their practice to the caring of the environment. And Mats from Yogaland India are essentially made Eco-friendly with 100% cotton composition. Feel good about what you are doing as well as how you take care of yourself—it will enhance your Yoga practise.

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